Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got a nacho cheese flavored shoe....

So I spilled Nacho Cheese on my shoe. I really needed some calories, and chips, salsa, and nacho cheese were the only thing I could possibly stomach at the Roy Wilkins auditorium menu.

It's just coincidental because I was about to see Beck, and a nacho cheese flavored shoe is something I would expect Beck to sing about.

It was a great show, and opener MGMT was pretty good too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I bought a new bike at the wrong time.

Ok. I'm lying. I really love my P2C. It has the best paint job of all bikes, it fits me well, and it feels damn fast. And it is....when I'm riding it.

Cervelo just released the very long awaited P4

Tell me this isn't the sexiest bike you've ever seen.

A water bottle holder & bottle is built into the frame, as is the rear brake.


I deserve the wine I'm drinking and the salary I'm making

A product build was going on and a failure was detected. I was the only person looking at the data who could identify that the failure was a false reading. Including a one or two talented engineers.

The build was worth at least $80,000--which would have been thrown in the garbage. Corrective actions could have easily added another $40,000.

What makes this a bit of a sad story--the data that I analyzed is typical of that described early on in a sophomore level mechanical engineering course, and a cornerstone of solid body mechanics.

A one-eyed man is king in the land of blindness.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best Song names EVAR.

And the award goes to....

Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, are you the Destroyer?

1. Suffer for Fashion
2. Sink the Seine
3. Cato as a Pun
4. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
5. Gronlandic Edit
6. A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
7. The Past Is a Grotesque Animal
8. Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider
9. Faberge Falls for Shuggie
10. Labyrinthian Pomp
11. She's a Rejecter
12. We Were Born the Mutants Again with Leafling

Speaking of Good music

From thegenre I never listen to anymore category....

I discovered these guys around April, but I figured they're worth a blurb

Protest the Hero is the best metal I've heard since I stopped listening to metal, which was probably around 1995.

They are wildly dynamic, seem to be able to sweep the entire genre within songs without feeling the least bit regurgitated, and have every bit of virtuosity that you could expect from the likes of Mustaine, King, Dimebag, and perhaps Vai.

You might be really surprised if you give they're album a listen. It definitely isn't going to reignite my (blood)lust for metal music, but it's really something to change things up.

I can't wait....

Jolie Holland is apparently releasing her next album in a couple weeks, and has posted a couple songs on her myspace.

And they rock.

If I went back in time to 1993, and told my past self in the midst of totally digging Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, and Smashing Pumpkins, that my future self would find some of the best music of all time coming out of a chick singing country/folk music...

Or even farther back, to a middle schooler engrossed in Megadeth, Skid Row, and Guns n'f'n Roses...

Or farther back yet, to a tween listening to MC Hammer, NWA, and 2 Live Crew...

...well, my past selves would be really surprised.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A loss. And life anew.

Thursday was a funeral for a great friend member of the family. Cal was my grandfather's cousin, and perhaps one of his greatest friends. As far removed as this section of the family is, I had not met Cal until he was literally 100 years old.

The ceremony itself was in a small Scandinavian church near the river, and afterwards I was able to meet a crowd of new relatives. A sad occasion, but a great thing was realized: People connected! I met some great people and it turns out they're relatives and they live nearby.

From what I know about Cal, there is nothing more that he would desire on that day than exactly what happened. Smiles, handshakes, new friendships. What better to come from death than birth?

Cal's 100th was celebrated on a rainy day.

Here's to rain, and the flowers it brings.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Freddie Fail and Fanny Fubar

I should probably speak more about this, but Freddie Mac and Fannie May failing is a harbinger of a serious problems in American business.

I kind of knew this was going to happen, and we can thank corruption and soft spines in Washington for this.

Lobbyists have been sweet talking our lawmakers for generations to give handouts to American businesses to *stay competitive.* Guess who's paying for that? You and me. Freddie and Fanny were private corporations that paid off investors when they won, but charged the government for the losses when they screwed up. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they realized that nothing was too risky. Until they found themselves in a pine box.

These payouts *across all american business* have done the worst thing you could imagine: it has reinforced shitty business policy & strategy in America. Companies that should have been crapped out the capitalist bunghole have instead been strengthened by our government.

Probably the greatest case in point I could make: Ford makes a cool looking car that gets 65mpg. But they can't afford to sell it in the US. Where consumers would fall over themselves to buy it. Meanwhile, Ford's stock continues to tank.

A capitalist environment should have taken the decision makers responsible for this and shat them out like a white castle binge. American executives that represent this kind of business philosophy are tainting the industrial, commercial, and financial gene pool. If we don't let the viruses kill the host, it will only proliferate.

Sorry, but bad businesses HAVE TO FAIL. America will always have great workers to work, and new entrepreneurs will see opportunity and a yearning market. Newer and better businesses will be able to compete stronger on the global market.

Radical? Not if you're a true capitalist. We hear "Free Market!" exclaimed from libertarians every day. They want less government regulation, but you don't hear from them in this instance. If you want a free market, then no handouts for BUM CORPORATIONS. Get a job!

When poor businesses in America fail, we shouldn't feel like the sky is falling, we should rejoice that our leaders have learned a lesson, and that new business will compensate for them. The new knowledge will temper American business like a fine carbon steel.

What happens if you never learn from your failures, but are instead rewarded for them?

Tom Morello

Since I've posted it, I've been mulling pulling down or heavily editing this post. I really don't like the tone here -- hey -- I just want evil pricks to get what's coming to them. Even if they happen to be currently employed in law enforcement.

The next day, I saw a pretty awesome video. Rage Against the Machine was supposed to be putting on an impromptu show in St. Paul, but showed up late, and I understand there were some confounding factors that kept them from performing. They performed, instead, an a cappella performance via megaphone of Bulls on Parade.

Afterwards, guitar god/Harvard political science grad Tom Morello made some profound comments to the protesters.

I'm paraphrasing here, so see the video for complete accuracy.

Tom Morello: I have a message for the police who kept us off the stage tonight.

...now I suspect some of the police may actually even be fans of Rage Against the Machine"

I suspect that some of the police come from working class and middle class backgrounds like we do an you do.

I suspect that the cops have much more in common with this band, with you people, than the people in the RNC across the street.

So before this weekend is over, they may turn their batons and their rubber bullets and their tear gas on us, but it is my hope that they realize that we all have something in common.

And one day very soon, they turn those batons, and rubber bullets, and tear gas against those jackasses over at the RNC.

Hey Police....do you realize that you just protected people who have lied to our country and sent us to a war. A war that killed 3000+ US soldiers, innumerable Iraqis, displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, and mismanaged retarded amounts of money?

do you realize tons of members of the bush administration are criminals? For example, go to youtube, search for Alberto Gonzales, and watch. THAT guy was the highest form of law in this country for most of the last 8 years.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Storm Troopers protect Emporer in St. Paul

pretext. I do not side with people destroying property--I've been following the law all my life, except for speeding sometimes during my morning commute. I also do not side with "Anarchists"--I believe in democracy, which is a form of government.

Dear Police: We pay you to keep the peace, not destroy it.

In Denver, the police prepared for riots. (which Rush Limbaugh was hoping to instigate.)

In St. Paul, the police prepared for a fucking Zombie Apocalypse. They've got national guard, Humvees, whup-whup-whup Helicopters above, shotguns, machine guns, tear gas, and probably some guns they used in Duke Nukem 3D.

Give a man a hammer, and all his problems begin look like nails.

Put a man behind a mask, body armor, give him a stick, tear gas, and 300 friends looking the same way, and they will behave in the same way those swept up in "mob mentality" will act. They have no face. They have no identity.

Way show the girl with the flower.

And the 78-year old nun?

Who are you people? Are you really here to protect the peace?

Speaking of the Peace, WTF is with the house raids on peace groups? Think about that.... Peace groups. Armed men, knocking the down doors of people organizing to prevent war, death, and destruction. I can't wait to see what you're going to be charging these people with, if they're charged with anything at all. I hope the ACLU TAKES THE MONEY FROM YOUR POCKETS AND THE SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK, you evil scumbags. Like these guys. Sadly for me & my tax dollars, you will probably be defended by a state-payrolled attorney.

And tell me about your big arrests doing these raids. Who's been charged with what? I'd love to know. So far, I've heard zilch.

Newsflash: You are always responsible for your actions, no matter who is giving the orders....in the face of the American legal system, the worlds legal system, and your creator's judgment.
If there isn't a voice in the back of your head making you think twice, you're probably a sociopath.

There's also reports of lawyers and medics being arrested. Awesome. Those pesky lawyers really get in the way of a good time kicking ass, don't they? Same with a few journalists and their cameras you confiscated.

Too bad this kid didn't get the same protection from you that the guys who choked up the Anoka airport with Lear Jets did. Face it, in the end, police provide much more protection to one type of person in this country: those with CASH. Wouldn't it be weird if that kid actually had his own private security detail?

I guess it's fortunate for the who are getting pummeled by these legions of automatons with sticks, there's medics sitting right next to them.

I'll be watching in coming days to see who exactly is charged with what. Should I be surprised if most get their charges dropped? Should I be surprised if very few get punished?

Today, your job will be truly thankless.

John's still a dude

Seriously, John.....I know your first wife wasn't that great, but the one you have now, is rich as hell. She can afford tons of plastic surgery, botox, and your presidential campaign.

You're lucky Cindy was sitting behind you. And you're pretty lucky that (I'm guessing) she doesn't surf the web.


In all this confusion this week with the RNC, Last night I met one of my political heroes, Thom Hartmann. I picked up his latest book and had it signed. I really wanted to get his first book, Screwed: the undeclared war on the middle class, but the last copy was sold to the girl in front of me.

Anyways, Thom is a walking historical encyclopedia, and I fantasize almost daily on my commute home -- that one day he might debate Rush, O'Really?, or Savage on prime time.

Thom speaks for me, and I do my best to speak for him.

Children are off Limits?

Not on this blog.

Do you remember when John McCain talked about Chelsea Clinton when she was a teenager in the White House? In 1998, McCain cracked this joke at a GOP fund-raiser in Washington

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?"
"Because Janet Reno is her father."

First off, what do you call a grown man that calls a young girl ugly? I'll tell you....A Fucking Asshole.

Tell me, America....what would you do to a grown man who called your teenage daughter ugly? I'm going to guess "rearrange his face" is on the short list of things you'd like to do. Even if he apologized. "I don't wanna call you ugly, but my god your face is hideous."

So now hand's off Sarah Palin's daughter? John, do you have Alzheimer's?


And on top of that....there isn't a single Democrat who is criticizing Bristol. What is being challenged here is Sarah Palin's support for abstinence only education, which is apparently "the solution" to unwanted pregnancy in the USA/globe. We're saying "it didn't work in your house, why will it work at any other?"

On top of that, I will accuse you, Sarah Palin, for Bristol's philandering. I have a great conservative to back my stance, Bill O'Reilly:

On the pinhead front, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. The sister of Britney says she is shocked. I bet.

Now most teens are pinheads in some ways. But here the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over her or even over Britney Spears. Look at the way she behaves.

Yes, Bill! Look at how Sarah Palin behaves! She just took on the Vice Presidency of the United States while having to care for a 5 month old child. And 3 other children to take care of and a (second) grandchild on the way.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dumb Move, John

There's some pretty compelling evidence that Sarah Palin covered up her 16 year old daughter's pregnancy by pretending to be pregnant herself.

From all the pictures, I've seen, Sarah Palin was never pregnant. She is pretty fit for a woman her age, in fact.

I like how:
-the Governess, who claimed to be leaking amniotic fluid early one morning in Texas, gave a speech, and flew back to Alaska to "have the child"

-Even better, her daughter took 5-8 months off from her private Catholic school citing "infectious mononucliosis" just after she started showing some tummy.

-Talked about how she loved to "run hills...it really tears up your gut" when she would've been 5 months pregnant.

And it now Bristol is pregnant AGAIN. Time for a shotgun wedding!