Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oh, I am so Pissed

So. Again I'm shaking my fist to the sky. I'm actually making the above "irritated smiley" right now.

Isn't it supposed to go "April Showers bring May flowers?" Someone forgot to send "Mother Minnesota Nature" the memo. But so far, it's been "April sunshine brings snow(yes snow) and persistant rain in May perfectly timed to piss off Andrew."

I bought this sooped-up-racing-bike for the Triathlon I'm competing in this July. I actually purchased it last week, but it took a week for the bike-hippies at Boko Bikes to put it together, so I finally picked it up on Sunday. I was wildly hung over on Sunday, so I didn't dare take it out. And then it rained anyways.

It rained yesterday.

I went to the gym today, swam a frikkin' mile without stopping, planning on hittin' the street after most cars were off the road to take my newest form of transportation on it's virgin voyage. I got home, changed into my biking gear, whipped out my bike, and got in the elevator.

I get to the bottom and a pretty girl was waiting to go up. She smiles, and tells me that its raining. I didn't believe her--what does she know? I carted my bike to the front door of my apartment.

God I hate rain. Send it to North Dakota.

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Mayday Gloat-a-thon/Cheapo Purchase of a Lifetime

This morning, I woke up late for my sunday-morning-routine- breakfast-at-The Egg&I -with-Amy, so instead, I went to Cheapo to pick up the new Garbage disk(which was a killer show, btw) and just as I was about to check out at the register, I saw, in the USED cd rack nearest to the counter, in plain view, Mike Doughty's new cd, Haughty Melodic. A disk that I have been aching to get for months!

On any normal day, this would not be incredibly alarming , but today it is May 1st, and this cd is not going to be released until May 3rd, 2005. I picked up a full length promo album used before it was actually released!!!!!!

What makes this more even astounding to me, is that I know cheapo employees. They usually cherry-pick all the best incoming cd's, so you would begin to think that this wouldve quickly ended up in the mits of a music savvy employee. Nope. It's in my mits..ur...cd player.

And it is so good.

I'll add a photo for evidence.