Thursday, December 21, 2006


This video is really, really sexy. I remember seeing it on MTV back in college and thinking it was Ok, but probably the worst music on MTV. Oh how the times have changed. It may have been ok music for the time, and it's definitely better than I remember, but it's gilded in gold compared to the sewage on "Music Television" these days.

(sidenote: Me being so blase about this video was probably just sour grapes for not ever ending up at a party like this.....that I can recall, anyways)

Today's vapidity and utter lack of music on mainstream music television reminds me of some old lyrics from Mason Jennings' Where has the music gone?

"and mtv too, what's the deal with you
i'm so sick of your sexy-dancing teeny-bopper crew
what's up with the guns, i hate the word whore
if money makes you act like that i think i'll stay poor

one day you will say
where has the music gone
you'll turn on your radio only to find
it's all been replaced by dollar signs
and you'll still find us
kicking out the rock down on first avenue
you can do your best to try and put up a fight
it won't do no good because the vibe is too tight"

Is Fiona dancing around pretty close to naked? Sure. But she makes it sexy & erotic & primal, a) rather than the contemporary method of mounting a video camera directly onto her jiggling ass, and b)despite the fact that she doesn't fit into the modern archetype for a beautiful woman (except for the skinny part)