Tuesday, July 17, 2007

internet stalkers

So J-Mo just celebrated her 9000th profile view. Can you say stalkers?

But then I just remembered, my Flickr account is registering in at ~8340 views, and I'm now recalling that an acquaintence of mine actually knew a female Flickr "admirer" of mine who was inquiring about my status. (at the time time I was taken) I pih-shawed all of this, but I have to admit --I was secretly thinking about a slender & lithe half naked woman serving at my beck & call.

But then I met (a different) one of my stalkers recently, and it was Über-weird.

Here's an exerpt from an email I got the other day from "married-mother-of-three":

It was so awesome visiting with you. I told you I was going
to email you. You were so nice to visit with and I mean it, your
photography is amazing. I came home and looked at it again. It is beyond
breath taking. Words don't even describe it. How did you figure out that
you were so good at that? You look great too. It's too bad you don't live
around here.....I would love to keep in touch with you. Maybe when we come down to the cities sometime, we can get together.
Keep in touch, okay,"


Although she was in pretty good shape, I was totally turned off by this.

My Myspace profile: ~3800 views. And it's been a private account for nearly a year.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Plant committed Suicide

My aloe plant killed itself in the last few days. I discovered it today on the balcony, uprooted.

You see, it always seems like the damn thing would never just grow straight up. It always liked to grow sideways. Even when I'd turn it away from the sun, hoping it would reach towards the fiery ball, and thus center it's course upward, it would not comply. It finally just started growning down over the pot onto the floor.

Maybe it didn't like being cut all the time to soothe my sunburn or something, bnd in the last couple days, it had enough weight to leverage its own roots out of the soil. It was mostly krinkly brown....we'll see if any of my effors to re-root some small offshoots works.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

10 years

I was at my 10 year reunion last night, and I had a very positive experience. Everyone was very sociable, and lots of people came up and talked to me who probably wouldn't have done the same so long ago.

I also got tons of compliment on my photography. I left a link to my photo site on our page @ classreport.com, almost as a joke, but it turns out lots of people are looking at it and appreciating it. I had at least 15 people (mostly women) approach me and their first words were to compliment my photography.

Good to know someone is appreciating my wasted time. One girl wants me to photograph her family, and another wanted me to photograph her future wedding. Not something I could do, I don't think.

I did see one girl that I totally thought was the cat's meow in high school and was hoping to see. Today has her own physical therapy business in OR. No kids, not married, does bike racing & triathlons, super fit, still gorgeous. But *like* 10 years ago, she has a boyfriend. Go figure.